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Ambitious Construction Company Limited has organized management teams that operate with a vision of each projects’s specialized needs. Every project receives careful consideration , from the tender stage to completion, with management team meeting regularly to plan and evaluate the project and also to provide technical and organizational advice to all the trade disciplines and sub contractors.

Our Building Engineering Services comprise of :

  • Office Blocks – Sky Scrapers /High Rise Buildings or Complexes, Conference Halls etc
  • Residential Premises – Multi Storied Buildings, Individual Executive Bungalows & Maisonettes, Five Star Estates etc
  • Banks
  • Educational Institutions – Universities, Colleges, Schools etc
  • Industrial Buildings & Warehouses
  • Church & Auditoriums
  • Concrete Blocks Manufacture and Sales
  • Health Institution – Hospitals & Health Centre’s
  • Shopping Malls


Building Architectural/Drawing
Building & Construction Consultancy
Civil Engineering
Roads & Car Parking
Industrial and Domestic Plumbing & Drainage
Concrete Blocks Manufacture and Sales
Water & Sewerage treatment works