Find Us: Plot no. 1, Swaminarayan Close Wankulukuku Road 344 Tel: +256 414 273453 / 4                                                                                                                                        

Our Vision and Core Values

Our company is based on :

  • Personal Values – We continue to honor these principles through the application of the Golden Rule. These principles include trust, honesty, fairness, integrity, compassion and an appreciation for the unique contribution each of us has to offer.
  • Work Environment – We are one of the best company in the Uganda where dedicated employees can’t wait to get to work. There is a feeling of belonging, and we are supportive of one another. We are encouraged to balance our personal and professional lives.
  • Our employees feel privileged to work in a safe and enjoyable environment where there is enthusiasm, free expression, pride, laughter and genuine good fun.
  • Individual creativity is encouraged, and innovative ideas put forward by any of the staff is welcomed, and whenever found beneficial to the welfare of the staff or the company; they are implemented. ACCL encourage the policy of: IT IS BETTER TO TRY AND FAIL , THAN TO FAIL TO TRY